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About Us

About Us
About Us
Flying in a hot-air-balloon is exquisite and the best place to do it is Cappadocia. Giving ballooning over Cappadocia a new face, we present an unforgettable lifetime experience. We float intimately amongst the fairy chimneys and soar over the magnificent Cappadocian landscape. We all do our best to provide the most memorable flights. Our flights are the longest, to fully enjoy the experience. Our professional and friendly ground team and our experienced pilots are there to make you feel safe and comfortable.

All our baskets are insured according to the number of passengers.
Why choose Balloon Turca?

Safety is our First Priority.
We will only fly you in conditions that we deem to be safe. Our decision to fly is always made with your safety in mind. Our pilots are full time professionals that get paid whether we fly or not. This means they are under no pressure to fly if the conditions are not quite right. Each pilot is certified by the FAA with a commercial license and attends annual safety seminars. Many of our pilots have been guest speakers at these events.

Equipment / Balloons
Our balloons are always new and up to date. We only fly safe and sturdy equipment that has your safety and comfort in mind. Our larger balloons have compartments that have higher sides than most balloons. They are partitioned and are padded on the inside. These details will give you a high feeling of security once on board. The basket floors are covered with high density foam which truly makes it easier to stand on while enjoying your flight. We hope that these features will give you a high feeling of security once on board and in the air.
Our fleet is custom designed and built by Ultramagic Balloons and we always purchase our equipment brand new.

From start to finish be safe in the knowledge that you are fully insured. All our balloons and vehicles are commercially insured for passenger carrying operations.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
Cappadocia Balloon Turca
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